Linkage Events Insurance Xclusive

The Linkage Event Insurance Xclusive is a multiple events liability insurance package that meets the needs of the Whole event Sector. 

Whatever, the event or eventuality, when the unexpected happens The Linkage Events Insurance Xclusive will protect you from public liability claims, accidental injuries to your guest’s claims and fire damages claims. Remember not everything runs like Clockwork, our Event Insurance is designed to protect you if things don’t get to plan.

This Plan is tailored to meet the needs of the events centre owners, planners or owners irrespective of type of event you are organizing. We cover Exhibitions venue, Conference venue, Corporate Events venue and Outdoor events venue.

  • Please note that Events that are more commercial, specifically ones where payment is to be taken, would not usually be covered. For example, a sporting event, a barn dance or village fetes.
  • Please also note that Cover for Liability is restricted to the guest or persons within defined Perimeter of the Event
  •  Public Liability Provides cover for your legal liability to pay damages, claimants costs and expenses which arise as a  result of and in connection with the event.
  •  Employee’s liability Provides cover for your legal liability to pay damages, claimants costs and expenses which arise as a  result of anyone you employ at an event including temporary staff, volunteers or helpers, whether paid or unpaid 
  •  Event equipment -Marquee (hired tents , gazebo or other out-door arrangements (optional) Provides cover for the  loss of, or damage to equipment that you are responsible for during, and in association with your event
  •  Goods-in-transit ( optional )
  •  Cancellation & Rearrangement ( initial cost & fees)
  • Compensation for medical expenses for injuries, temporary disabilities to guest and employed staff at the venue of the event.
  • Compensation for public liability claims made against the event owner / planner in respect of death /bodily injuries as well as damage to properties at the venue of event .
  • Reimbursement of litigation costs
  • Damages to insured assets during the events ONLY.